Do you play your favorite songs in a loop only to get bored in the long run?

Do you dream of linking the best parts of your Playlists?

Wouldn't you love to remix your favorite artists guitar solos?

Do you sometimes wish it were easier to get your friends to dance to your Playlists?

Wouldn't you love your music apps to automatically play music depending on your activities?

Do you want improve your performance by moving to the rythm of your music?

So take your music on iTunes and ...

Streaming platforms

This first version is NOT compatible with this kind of platform (Spotify, Apple Music, ...) for legal reasons that prevent us from accessing audio of songs that you have downloaded to your device, with Premium or Free account. We hope that this situation will change with subsequent versions of Infinite Music which are currently in progress!

grubbing results are different for each song in your library and is optimized for most of Pop, Dance, Electro or Techno songs. grubbing tries to allow you to rediscover your music whatever its genre and always gives unexpected results! So try grubbing all the genres of your library : Classical, Jazz, Rock, World, Rap, Reggae, Dubstep, RnB, ...

Be creative, play with your music and share the best grubs!


"Infinite" playback is selected by default after loading and grubbing songs. Then Infinite Music will automatically link audio sequences found within the song. Some sequences can be linked with audio sequences from other songs in the selected Playlist allowing you to skip to following songs with pleasant transitions, as if it were a single piece of music.

To rediscover your favorite songs and Playlists

. display all songs, or a Playlist, a genre, an artist ... and select the song you want to play first

. activate the "song transitions" option allowing Infinite Music to find and save the best jumps between songs

. activate the "auto next" option to select the amount of time before skipping to the next song in the Playlist

. you can change the music playback mode while music is playing to change how Infinite Music plays

You simply rediscover your music by playing it endlessly!

more details about rediscovering music


"Remix" playback allows you to compose a customized listening experience by selecting audio sequences to link. Rate all sequences as you go with like/dislike to save your favorites. Infinite Music remembers the audio sequences you like and avoids sequences that you dislike, playing only liked sequences.

To customize listening experience

. select a track from the selected Playlist you want to customize then select "Remix" playback

. select audio sequences you want to link to in the audio circle and rate the transition with like/dislike

. explore the possibilities in your song and don't forget to rate all the transitions for the audio sequences you select

. You can activate the "song transitions" option and rate jumps to create playlists with customized transitions between songs (long press on song transition icon)

You have reshaped a song or a Playlist for a unique, ultra personnalized, listening experience!

more details about remixing music

Once you have acquired a Philips HUE COLOR lamps system you can add a fun ambiance to your Dance Floor!


The "activity sensors" option allows music to play music automatically depending on your current activity. You can also match your music to your walking or running rhythm.

To match your music to your running rhythm

. before running, activate "grub tempo for entire media library" in the "activity sensors" window. This will analyze your entire library to find the maximum tempo matches to your running pace

. activate "step tracking" in the "activity sensors" window

. select the "walking rhythm margin" you desire to indicate the tempo margin within which the current song won't change : the larger the margin the less often songs will change

. for tempo processing with a big collection, be sure your device is plugged in and the application remains active (for ex. playing music)

Your music is ready to track your running pace according to its tempo!

more details about matching activities

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